Taak Bi Ha cenote

Taak Bi Ha is a covered cenote. It’s great to begin your love affair with snorkeling and recreational diving among amazing speleothems. At first, a small entrance leads to a huge room featuring many beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Cenote is located on the road of Dos Ojos Park. Turn left 50 meters after the Dos Ojos Cenote entrance.

The name “Taak Bi Ha” means “hidden route of water”.

Dos Ojos cave system

Taak Bi Ha Cenote is part of the Dos Ojos cave system. At this time, the connected system Sistema Sac Actun-Nohoch-Dos Ojos is the world’s second-largest underwater cave system, 376,7 km (234 miles) of underwater lines, with a maximum depth of 119.18 mts (391 ft). Dos Ojos section is an anchialine cave system connecting to naturally intruding marine water and tidal influence in the cenotes. This cave system’s coastal discharge point(s) has not yet been humanly explored through to the ocean. By coloring the water, we discovered that large volumes of groundwater were flowing toward Caleta Xel Ha, a nearby coastal lagoon.

Our article “Sistema Dos Ojos Exploration Project” explains the history exploration in more detail.

Dos Ojos system cave lines map
Dos Ojos system cave lines map

Taak Bi Ha Cenote area was used for filming underwater scenes for a few underwater cave movies:

Located upstream from Dos Ojos West, approximately 800 ft (244 m), Cenote Taak Bi Ha offers a range of experiences, from snorkeling to guided recreational cavern tours and cave dives. Accordingly, the cavern line is available for recreational divers to enjoy beautiful speleothems around the cenote entrance in the cavern zone. Known for its spectacular speleothems dives, the cenote offers cave divers plenty of time to enjoy the beautifully decorated cave system.

However, you have to know that due to the absence of natural daylight, it is not considered a safe or legal cavern tour site under the APSA cavern tour regulations.
Taak Bi Ha Cenote entrance hole
Taak Bi Ha Cenote entrance hole

Our Taak Bi Ha Cenote cave diving video

Cenote cave lines map

Taak Bi Ha Cenote cave lines map
Cenote cave lines map

Cave lines

Finally, there are three cave lines available for exploration. The IMAX line is the main route, circling Taak Bi Ha Cenote from the Dos Ojos Barbie line (downstream) towards the LSD line area (upstream). Further, you can venture into the massive Kentucky Castle area (T-right), or, passing the Tikim Chi Cenote (T-left), cave divers can explore the El Pit Cenote area.

Travers from Taak Bi Ha cenote to El Pit cenote map
Travers from Taak Bi Ha cenote to El Pit cenote map

The cave lines suit beginners who are Intro to Cave (GUE Cave 1) divers who want to grow their experience before continuing to the Full Cave (GUE Cave 2) pass. Undoubtedly, you should install the main reel from the open water (but there is a trick where the open water in the covered cenote is located) area to comply with the Intro to Cave (GUE Cave 1) rules.

Taak Bi Ha Cenote location map

The first explorers were Jim Coke and Johanna DeGroot. Other explorers were Jesse Armentrout, Steve Berman, Mauro Bordignon, Steve Bogearts, Mike Cameron, Rich Chapski, Nancy DeRosa, Tony DeRosa, Pablo Diaz, Will Dooley, Donn Ellerbrock, Kenneth Furman, MaryAnn Gamble, Steve Gamble, Bill Gavin, Steve Gerrard, Dr. Lee Gibson, Sergio Granucci, Mark Grant, Jill Heinerth, Paul Heinerth, Hilario Hiler, George Irvine, Steve Irving, Brian Kakuk, Steve Keene, Keith Kinard, Michael Lang, Gary Lemme, Jonathan Lesh, Dan Lins, Connie LoRe, Travis LoRe, Kevin Mack, Mike Madden, Sandro Madeo, Sam Meacham, Bill Mee, Jim Mellon, Michael Menduno, Lance Milbrand, David Miner, Jim Osborne, Robbie Osman, Andrew Pitkin, Chris Pyle, Bil Philips, “Buddy Quattlebaum, Rosemary Redgen, Bill Rennaker, Kevin Retton, Donna Richards, Simon Richards, Daniel Riordan, Leo Sastre, Sue Sharples, Chuck Stevens, Nicolai Toussiant, Claudia Tolentino, Pierre Watson, Martin Wright, Tom Young, Dr. John Zumrick, Gary Walten, Kay Walten, Patrick Widdmann, and others unknown.


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