Xunaan Ha Cenote

Xunaan Ha Cenote is part of the eponymous cave system, the world’s 7th longest underwater system (4th biggest in Mexico), with a total length of surveyed lines of 52214 meters (32.44 ml). The maximum depth within this cave system is 27.1 m (89 ft).

There are thirty-one cenotes within this cave system. They are Cenote Abismo, Cenote Boy, Cenote Chango, Cenote Chemuyil Sur, Cenote Hol Kin, Cenote Jaguar House, Cenote Murcielago’s House, Cenote Renzo, Cenote Palomita, Cenote Pitch, Cenote Powerline, Cenote Principal, Cenote Rojo, Cenote Small, Cenote Xunaan Ha, plus sixteen more.

Cenote Xunaan Ha offers excellent cave diving, snorkeling, and swimming options in the main pond.

Our Xunaan Ha cave diving video

The main upstream and downstream lines are under the jump platforms left from the ladders. This cave system has various features for cave diving using both backmount and sidemount configurations.

Xunaan Ha cave system upstream and downstream lines map

Xunaan Ha up-n-downstream sections cave map
Xunaan Ha up-n-downstream sections cave map

Xunaan Ha Cenote location map

The first explorer was Mike Madden. Other explorers were Philippe Brunet, Bruno Bonacosso, Mauro Bordiognon, Pierre Boudinet, Philipe Cabrejos, Gilles Carmine, Christian Cluade, Bruno Delprat, Christain Depin, Anne Dutheillet, Christian Edsel, the author, Bernard Glon, Paul Heinerth, Philippe Imbert, Marike Jasper, Tony Lacclete, Pedro Lage, Hans Kaspersetz, Kate Lewis, Connie LoRe, Joao Neves, Bojano Ostovijic, Alain Pocobelli, Bil Philips, Alexandro Reato, Ricardo, Simon and Donna Richards, Edsel De Los Rios, Marco Rotzinger, Robbie Schmittner, Manual Soares, Christian Thomas, Evgeni Voidakov, and German Yanez.

From 2009 to 2012, Mauro Bordignon, Alain Pocobelli, and Alexandro Reato organized and conducted a complete survey and further exploration of the Xunaan Ha Cenote cave system. For detailed information, please go to the website www.filoariannadive.com.

Alexandro Reato has drawn a beautiful cartography map of the Hol Kin section of the Xunaan Ha Cave System.


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