Monkey Dust Cenote

Robbie Schmittner considers the Monkey Dust Cenote (Dos Pisos) cave system one of the most beautiful in the Riviera Maya. 

Monkey Dust is one of five cenotes in the Dos Pisos cave system. This unique marvel, spanning a linear distance of 46,509 ft (14,176 m) and reaching a maximum depth of 80 ft (24.4 m), is home to five distinct cenotes: Balam, Dos Pisos, Dos Pisos Norte, this cenote, and Cenote Zooz.

Our Monkey Dust Cenote cave diving video

The permanent line is a bit left from the wooden platform and immediately guides you through the series of impressive chambers. The first T-intersection right brings you toward the Dos Pisos (next T left), while the left turn opens a whole set of the beauty of the this cenote cave area.

No facilities are available on site. 

Monkey Dust Cenote cave lines map

Monkey Dust Cenote cave lines map
cave lines map

Gunnar Wagner and Robbie Schmittner were the first pioneers to explore this magnificent cave system. They were followed by a group of intrepid explorers, including Nadia Bernie, Pat Cronin, Fred Devos, Phil Dotchen, Martyn Farr, Rob Greaves, Dig Hastilow, Steve March, and David Sieff.


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