Dreamgate Cenote

Cenote Dreamgate is the undisputed gem of the Riviera Maya’s cavern areas. It stands out with its unique features and unparalleled beauty.

Drive 2.8km (1.7 miles) after Dos Ojos Park entrance towards Tulum and turn into semiclosed gates on the 52nd kilometer from Playa del Carmen of the Cancun-Tulum federal road. You will find yourself at the car dump. Drive to the right and turn left. Following, the dusty, bumpy road leads into the jungle.

Cenote Dreamgate is part of the connected system Sac Actun-Nohoch-Dos Ojos. Moreover, it is the world’s second-largest underwater cave system, with 376,7 km (234 miles) of underwater lines. The maximum depth is 119.18 mts (391 ft). The Nohoch historical section is an anchialine cave system connecting to naturally intruding marine water and tidal influence in the cenotes. However, this cave system’s coastal discharge point(s) has not yet been explored into the ocean. Despite this, dye tracing to flow towards Caleta Xel-Ha, a nearby coastal bedrock lagoon, demonstrated large volumes of groundwater.

Sac Actun-Nohoch-Dos Ojos Cave lines with cenotes name General Map
Sac Actun-Nohoch-Dos Ojos Cave lines with cenotes name General Map

The next world’s longest cave system, Ox Bel Ha, is very close — just a few kilometers south. So, perhaps shortly, a place will be discovered where these two cave systems connect. The combined cave system will be the largest underwater cave system in the world and the largest cave system in general, including dry caves.

Cenote dives in this area are available to certified cave divers who can go alone or are guided by a qualified cave instructor.

Dreamgate cenote

A 1.9km (1.2 miles) potholed dirt road leads to the Dreamgate Cenote, which has become increasingly popular every year since its opening to the public.

Dreamgate Cenote water entrance
Dreamgate Cenote water entrance

A few years ago, the landowner replaced the original ladder and platform with a safer stairway and larger deck area. A set of steps leads to a long deck walkway, providing a scenic route to enter and exit the water.

The upstream cavern tour’s gold line, a significant part of the cenote’s history, begins and ends at these steps.

There is both an upstream and downstream cavern zone area, allowing a double underground experience. With a steady daily flow of divers experiencing this cenote, an alarming damage rate has begun to show itself.

Dreamgate Cenote Cavern line map
Dreamgate Cenote Cavern line map

Accessible to many vehicles, Cenote Dreamgate offers a convenient wood deck at the top of the rim, complete with a pulley and rope for dive equipment. Additionally, bathroom facilities and palapas allow divers to change their clothes into bathing suits.

Upstream and downstream cave areas

Although the cenote owner has not allowed cave diving (only cavern tours are allowed) for several years after the diving incident, upstream and downstream cave areas are considered excellent dives.

To dive the best main passage upstream, follow the cavern line on the left side and jump from the cavern tour line at the directional line arrow about 200 ft (60 m). There are several offshoot guidelines along the way on the main cave diving line. Moving further away northwest, you can reach Taak Be Luum cenote.

The downstream area you reach by swimming to the right of the platform facing west. Force yourself to turn right or eastward, and you will find the Gold Cavern tour line. Swimming clockwise, turn right at the first ninety degrees and jump 15 ft (5 m) to the permanent main cave guideline. The main line is the best dive. Moving further southeast, south, and finally west direction, you will reach the Nohoch historical section.

Our Dreamgate Cenote cave diving video

Dreamgate Cenote location map

Buddy Quattlebaum and Chris Stanton were the first explorers. Steve Bogearts, Alain Pocobelli, Robbie Schmittner, and Alexandro Reato were other explorers.

This cenote was connected to Sistema Sac Actun from Cenote Koxul Ka’an on May 2, 2009, by Robbie Schmittner. This area was connected to Sistema Hidden World on November 11, 2012, by Alexandro Reato.


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