Minotauro Cave System

Minotauro is a smallish cave system that suits a two—to three-person dive team. The maximum depth is 58 ft (17.7 m). There are five cenotes located within this cave system: Cenote Minotauro (main entrance), Cenote Escalera (Stairs), Cenote Estrella (Stars), Cenote Piedra (Stone), Cenote Winz, and one unnamed cenote entrance.

The upstream main line involves a very enjoyable circuit dive called La Vuelta (the Turn).

Minotauro Cave System upstream area lines map

Minotauro upstream area cave lines map
Minotauro upstream area cave lines map

The downstream area of this cave system is excellent for side-mount diving. It became trendy for sidemount cave diving training a few years ago, but now any training dives here are prohibited.

Our Minotauro cenote diving video

A cleared road with sascab dirt laid down allows cars and vans to drive 1.5 km to the cenote. The entrance is easy to access, with beautiful cement, safe stairs, and a walkway to the water. Equipment tables are available, and there is plenty of parking for vehicles. There are bathroom facilities.

To the northwest of the Minotauro system is the Tajma Ha cave system. Water from this system feeds into the Sistema Minotauro, located further east and within 200 ft (61 m). Various cave divers have made unsuccessful attempts to connect the two cave systems. A severely collapsed area blocks, so far, any union, though water samples have proven it is the same water.

Minotauro full lines map

Minotauro Cave System lines map
Minotauro Cave System lines map

Cave map drawing of the Munotauro system

Minotauro Cave System map
Minotauro Cave System map

Bernard Glon, Joao Neves, Laura Neves, and Christian Thomas were the first explorers of this cave system, paving the way for further exploration.

They were followed by a dedicated group of adventurers, including Yair Azubel, Bil Philips, Bernd Birnbach, Fred Devos, Christophe Le Maillot, Kate Lewis, Karin Pointner, Alex Realto, and Danny Riordan.


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