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"Bringing the experience of organizing and hosting the Olympic Games into diving operations and customer satisfaction"

“Both in cave diving and in life, the darkness of uncertainty was beckoning. I was scared, but I knew that if I could be brave enough to step over the brink into the blackness, my eyes would adjust and new possibilities would be revealed.”

—Jill Heinerth, Into the Planet:
My Life as a Cave Diver

9 of 10 world’s biggest underwater caves are here

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We specialize in arranging complete diving trips, including:

The full range of diving products and services

Recreational diving experience

Technical and Full Cave diving experience

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience working with tourist groups.

Would you be interested in knowing more about your group flight, crossing the border in Mexico, accommodation, and other local information? We’ll gladly share our deep local knowledge with you.

We will provide your clients with everything they need to feel comfortable and safe during their unbelievable holidays at our friendly and welcoming resort in the heart of the Caribbean.

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About Alexander

Cave Ha Diving Mexico founder and owner, IANTD/TDI/SDI Technical Cave and DPV Instructor, GUE Member, TDI ER/Trimix, mCCR Fathom, RYA Skipper

Before fully dedicating himself to the diving industry, Alexander served many years as Executive Vice-President for Technology, Broadcasting and Press Operations, Medical and Anti-Doping, Accreditation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee; President of iTeco International Ltd, Chairman of Board iTeco LLC; Chairman of Expert Board of Bigitex consulting company (finance and IT technology); First Deputy of the Chairman of the Board of Banking Organisation “Inkakhran” and College Professor (Broadcasting and Information Technology).

Chevalier of the orders: Silver Olympic Order and National Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”